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Dr Achim Rosemann

Job Title
Research Fellow
Centre for Education Studies
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Research Interests

The social, political and economic dimensions of life and health science research and corresponding technology applications; The relationship between (life) sciences, society and education; The transformative impact of the biosciences on human societies and ecosystems; Participatory approaches to science decision-making; Life science research in international perspective: the plurality of scientific and regulatory cultures, challenges and opportunities of international collaborations, the role of competition and geopolitical divergence; Scientific and social developments in China and East Asia, in global perspective.


Achim has joined Warwick University from the University of Sussex where he was a postdoctoral researcher and research fellow at the Department of Anthropology's Centre for Bionetworking ( Achim holds a PhD in Social Anthropology (Sussex University). At Warwick University he is co-developing the Research Cluster on Life Sciences, Society and Education.

Title Funder Award start Award end
Human germ line editing in global context: Challenges and Needs from a UK perspective Wellcome Trust 01 Oct 2016 30 Sep 2017