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using and disseminating Slippery Fish

We first used the resource with research students at an Advanced training DTC

We disseminated the resource via Showcase event and blog posts and conference presentations

Our next steps in integrating the resource are here [Next steps]

Showcase 2016

We began to publicise the resource at the internal show case event –

Powerpoint slides here

We had two key messages about the resource we wanted to give

  • spend time addressing what you are most worried about in a programme rather than developing the topics you are more confindet about
  • you can develop worthwhile materials in a small way - if you are interested in technology supported learning you dont have to design a fully operational Mooc

We return to these two points later in the advice section.

There was a fair amount of interest in the resource and we followed up contacts in two other departments.

Advanced training event (DTC)

We put on an advanced training event via the DTC under the title: 'A good thesis but undertheorised'. The idea of the event was to introduce what we had found out about theory during the project and to provide ample time and space for participant to discuss their use of theory in their own research. This would be a blended approach so that during the face to face session participants could briefly present what they had found out.

Powerpoint slides here

The event was well received the course objectives were met though some found the face to face activaties a little 'samey'. However the feedback was good and the presentation summed up the key issues in the project.

We gave participants an evaluation sheet for the online resource - this had two open ended 'what you liked' and 'what would you change'. In brief the resource was found to be easy to access, there were materials the idea of a resource which could be accessed as and when one liked was commended l and the metaphor of slippery fish worked well. There were some gaps – more on this later and more editing to be done. (The resource was not complete at the time and we knew as we were up against a, self imposed, deadline). The discussion section had not taken off but this was largely due to the one off nature of the event. There was an overwhelming demand to keep the resource open.

Blogs and conferences

I blogged about the project and about theory in general at

I also presented at the Association for Learning Technology confrerence

And at BERA

Next steps

During the Autumn term 2016 we will develop the resource on an ad hoc basis . We will integrate its use into DTC core methods training - see

We will make the resource open to all research degree students by publicising within the steering group of the DTC

Use the resource for a one off event for doctorate students in CES