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Dr Georgiana Mihut

Job Title
Assistant Professor
Education Studies
Research Interests

Comparative and international higher education; tertiary education policy; internationalization; international students; stratification and rankings; access and equity.


Georgiana Mihut is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Education Studies and a higher education researcher. Her research interests span tertiary education policy, international and comparative higher education, as well as higher education stratification, prestige, and rankings. Georgiana uses primarily quantitative and mixed methods research approaches and has an interest in experimental research designs. Georgiana's publications cover higher education developments in over 20 national contexts. Several of Georgiana's projects have used a comparative approach or looked at higher education trends internationally. Georgiana has published on a wide range of topics, including the role of university prestige in the labour market, university rankings, the experiences of international students, internationalisation policies, further and vocational education, and outcomes of students with disabilities.

Her research has been published in Studies in Higher Education, Teachers College Record, Journal of Studies in International Education, Oxford Review of Education, and the International Journal of Inclusive Education, amongst others. Georgiana is co-editor of the Research Handbook on University Rankings Theory, Methodology, Influence and Impact.

Before joining the University of Warwick, Georgiana worked for Ireland's Economic and Social Research Institute, the American Council on Education, and the Boston College Centre for International Higher Education. She has also consulted for the World Bank and Romania's Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education, Research, Development, and Innovation. Georgiana received her PhD in Higher Education from Boston College in 2019.

Prospective doctoral students

Georgiana is no longer considering PGR applicants who aim to start their doctoral studies in the 2024-2025 academic year. Georgiana is interested in supervising doctoral students who aim to answer timely research questions about higher education. Georgiana encourages potential applicants to attach a research proposal to their supervision inquiry. Guidance on how to develop a research proposal is available here.