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Dr Victoria Simcock

Dr Victoria Simcock, Research Fellow

Dr Victoria Simcock

Research Fellow


Research interests: Victoria is a developmental psychologist with an interest in research that actively seeks to improve mental wellbeing for children with special education needs and/or greater risk for mental health problems and their families. I'm particularly interested in using mixed qualitative and quantitative methods in research to capture the experiences of children, families, and schools to better understand the impact of challenges at school or at home, and the impact of intervention efforts.


Biography: Victoria is a Research Fellow working with Dr Olympia Palikara (PI) on an ESRC impact acceleration grant project exploring the academic and psychosocial outcomes of children with neurodevelopmental disorders returning to secondary school after Covid-19 related school closures.

Previously, Victoria completed a PhD on the topic of developmental psychopathology at the University of Sussex, which explored bi-directional parent-child relationships and their importance for understanding the development of self-regulation, ADHD symptomology, and knock-on effects for academic difficulties. Prior to this she worked as a Research Associate at Warwick Medical School, focusing on youth mental health and wellbeing.

Alongside this research post, Victoria also teaches developmental psychology at the University of Reading.