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Current Research Students

Name Research Email
Anders C "The Experiences of Muslim Police Officers: An Examination of Processes of Categorisation and Self-Identification in English Constabularies"


Bermek S  "Comparison of Political and Economic Discourse of Islamist and Secular Parties in Turkey"
Giner C "The Politics of Childhood and Asylum in France and the UK"
Joergensen C "Schooling Experiences of Minority Ethnic Youth In England and Spain"
Madar P "Role Racialised Visual Representations Play in the Constructions and Experiences of Black Masculinities"
O'Grady A  Exclusively Irish?  The motivation for immigration control in the Free State  
Oucho L "The Impact of Socio-Cultural Gender Beliefs on Migration Decision-Making and Networks: The Perspective of kenyan and Nigerian Women in London"
Phillips S "Factors of Ethnic Group Collective Action: Two Case Studies from Jordan"