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Citizenship and Discrimination in Europe Conference

Citizenship and Discrimination in Europe
A three-day international conference

In December 2002 the Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations (CRER) held a three-day international conference on Citizenship and Discrimination in Europe.

There is now a dedicated website for the conference, featuring the conference programme, participant profiles, abstracts of papers, and short videos of speakers.


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Citizenship and Discrimination in Europe addressed the issue of discrimination from a citizenship perspective, including:

· the social, political and geopolitical dimensions of the politics of citizenship in Europe;
· local, national and EU anti-discrimination policies;
· the EU enlargement agenda;
· ethno-cultural diversity in equality-based societies;
· Islam in Europe.

Citizenship and Discrimination in Europe brought together 96 international participants from more than 25 countries, comprising:

· national and EU policy-makers;
· NGO representatives;
· leading international scholars;
· European young researchers.

Citizenship and Discrimination in Europe is now meant to become the first of a series of conferences enhancing the dialogue about equality, diversity, and community cohesion in Europe.

The conference was supported by:

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