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Overview of the Immigration, Integration and Asylum and Refugee Policies of EU Member States (MigPol)

Financed by the European Commission, DG Employment and Social Affairs.

Governments in Europe are on the one hand restricting immigration and refugee protection, whilst on the other hand they are opening new gates of entry for highly skilled people and some industries. At the same time the EU is formulating its own migration and refugee policies, sometimes in parallel with national developments and sometimes in conflict with them.
This project will give an overview of immigration, integration and refugee protection policies in all EU member states. These studies will then be confronted with a specific analysis of European Union politics and policies.

The project is being carried out by a consortium made up as follows:

General coordination, study on Germany and Austria, comparative analysis of the case studies, and the study of European Union policies - Berlin Institute for Comparative Social Research.

Scandinavian studies - Danish Centre for Migration and Ethnic Studies

UK and Ireland - Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations

Studies of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg - Migration and Ethnicity Research Institute, University of Leuven

Studies of Italy and France - Dipartimento di Science Dell Educazione, University of Florence

Studies of Spain and Portugal - Departmento de antroplolgia y trabajo social, University of Granada

Study of Greece - Dept of Political Science and History, University of Athens

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