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Minority Formation and Cultural Diversity in European Nation-states

Financed by the European Union (European Commission - DG Employment and Social Affairs).

European societies are today faced with the phenomenon of cultural diversity which challenges traditions of nationalism underpinning the central ideology of nation state building and nation state legitimation. The nation state is thus experiencing a profound crisis. On the one hand, it is becoming part of new state building processes as represented by the development of the European Union. On the other hand, it is confronted with multi-cultural institutions which contradict an established world view of cultural homogeneity as a principle of traditional nation states. The Wilsonian idea where each culturally differentiated people has the right to its own nation state is no longer realisable.
It is therefore important to understand how the confrontation between cultural diversity politics and nation state legitimation will be played out. This project aims to gain some understanding of this relationship and to contribute to the development of integration policies in favour of immigrant populations which have developed new realities as cultural minorities in European states

Project partners:

  • CRER, University of Warwick
  • European Migration Centre, Berlin Institute for Comparative Social Research
  • Department for Education, University of Florence

CRER is responsible for the country study on the UK.

For further information contact:

Dr Khursheed Wadia

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