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National Employment Strategies Towards Migrants and Ethnic Minorities (NatEmp)

Financed by the European Commission, DG Employment and Social Affairs.

The objective of the project is a comparative analysis of national programmes and the integration of immigrants and ethnic minorities in the labour markets of the countries of the European Union. The project will examine measures undertaken as part of each country's National Action Plan for Employment, but will also include national programmes that have not been referred to in these plans. In addition good practices will be identified in order to promote the development of a European strategy in this area.

Project partners:

  • Berlin Institute for Comparative Social Research - Germany and Austria
  • Danish Centre for Migration and Ethnic Studies - Scandinavian Countries
  • Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations - UK, Ireland and France
  • Migration and Ethnicity Research Institute - Benelux countries
  • University of Florence, Dipartimento di Science Dell' Educazione - Italy, Spain and Portugal
  • University of Athens, Dept of Economics - Greece

Coordination: Berlin Institute

Contact at Berlin Institute:
at CRER:

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