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Refugee Women: the Reception and Integration Regimes in Europe (RefWom)

Financed by the European Union, European Refugee Fund.

Although the situation of refugee women has been an issue of growing interest in the European Union, there is still a systematic lack of knowledge about gender specific reception and integration measures and about the gendered impact of voluntary return policies and measures in member states.

The aim of the project is to describe the reception and integration regimes regarding refugee women in Europe, to analyse the specific needs of female refugees, and to evaluate how these are met by the different institutions and practices. Furthermore, the project examines how women are affected by the voluntary return policies that are being implemented in various member states. Country studies have been undertaken in Italy, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Sweden, Britain, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Netherlands, Austria and Ireland. Comparisons are drawn between the regimes and practices of the EU on the one hand and those of the USA and Canada, as the latter two countries have developed specific approaches to refugee women.

Project partners:

  • Department for Education, University of Florence
  • CRER, University of Warwick
  • Berlin Institute for Comparative Social Research

For further information contact: Dr Khursheed Wadia

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