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Trends in International Migration. Annual Report

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Title: Trends in international migration. Annual report. (OECD, 2003)

Material type: Monograph

Description: This annual report presents an analysis of recent trends in migration movements and policies in OECD countries and certain non-member countries. It is divided into four parts. Part one focuses on main trends in international migration, and includes chapters on immigrants and the labour market, recent trends in international migration in Asia and Central and Eastern Europe, and an overview of migration policies. Part two is a comparative analysis of student mobility between and towards OECD countries. The third part focuses on migration movements and policies in individual countries. The Statistical Annexe details sources and comparability of migration statistics, and includes statistical tables which are divided into two series: series A provides aggregate data on stock and flow statistics, and administrative data on asylum seekers and naturalisation, and series B presents data disaggregated by country of origin.

Website: Trends in international migration