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Ethnicity in the 1991 Census Vol 3

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Title: Ethnicity in the 1991 Census

Volume 3: Social geography and ethnicity in Britain: geographical spread, spatial concentration and internal migration. Peter Radcliffe (ed).

1) Social geography and ethnicity: a theoretical, conceptual and substantive overview. Peter Ratcliffe.

2) Geographical spread: the national picture. Philip Rees and Deborah Phillips.

3) Level and nature of spatial concentration and segregation of minority ethnic populations in Great Britain, 1991. Ceri Peach and David Rossiter.

4) Internal migration and ethnicity in Britain. Tony Champion.

5) Inter-generational differences in ethnic settlement patterns in Britain. Vaughan Robinson.

6) London: a true cosmopolis. Marian Storkey and Rob Lewis.

7) Ethnic minorities in the Midlands. David Owen and Mark Johnson.

8) Geographical patterns in a cluster of Pennine cities. Philip Rees and Deborah Phillips.

9) Methodological refinement, policy formulation and the future research agenda: some brief reflections. Peter Ratcliffe.

Website: Ethnicity in the 1991 Census