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Ethnicity in the 1991 Census Vol 4

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Title: Ethnicity in the 1991 Census

Volume 4: Employment, education and housing among the ethnic minority populations of Britain. Valerie Karn (ed).

1) Higher education qualifications. Peter Mortimer, Charlie Owen and Anne Phoenix.

2) Ethnic differences in the educational participation of 16-19 year-olds. David Drew, John Gray and Deborah Sporton.

3) Labour force participation rates, self-employment and unemployment. David Owen.

4) Patterns of ethnic minority employment in the context of industrial and occupational growth and decline. Anne Green.

5) Education and occupational attainments: the impact of ethnic origins. Anthony Heath and Dorren McMahon.

6) Monitoring equal employment opportunity. Mike Coombes.

7) 'Race', ethnicity and housing differentials in Britain. Peter Ratcliffe.

8) Regional and local differences in the housing tenure of ethnic minorities. Daniel Dorling.

9) The housing position of ethnic minority group home owners. Deborah Phillips.

10) Finding a place - the impact of locality on the housing experience of tenants from minority ethnic groups. Eileen Howes and David Mullins.

11) Adding an ethnic dimension to local housing need assessments: the use of the 1991 Census of population. Eddie Smith and Andy Steele.

12) Ethnic differences in attainment in education, occupation and life-style. Robert M. Blackburn, Angela Dale and Jennifer Jarman.

13) 'Ethnic penalties' and racial discrimination in education, employment and housing: conclusions and policy implications. Valerie Karn.

Website: Ethnicity in the 1991 Census