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Population Trends

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Title: Population Trends

Material type: Journal

Description: This quarterly publication from the Office of National Statistics occasionally features articles relating to the ethnic minority populations of the UK. Since edition 90 (Winter 1997) Population Trends is downloadable in pdf format.

Recent articles of interest include:

Population Trends, 108, Summer 2002, pp. 49-58, "Attitudes towards ideal family size of different ethnic/nationality groups in Great Britain, France and Germany",

Population Trends, 106, Winter 2001, pp. 29-38, "International migration to and from the United Kingdom, 1975-1999, consistency, change, and implications for the labour market",

Population Trends, 105, Autumn 2001, pp. 6-15, "The sizes and characteristics of the minority ethnic populations of Great Britain - latest estimates",

Website: Population Trends