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Academic Publications

Selected Academic Publications and Conferences 


“The ‘Other’ European: Muslims and Multiculturalism” (To be published by Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming)
‘The Future of Europe: Muslim Perspectives’ (editor of an anthology of essays, including the Mufti of Bosnia)
(To be published by Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming)

Calling it what it is: language in counter-terrorism (Brookings Institution Press, 2008)

Muslims in Europe post 7/7: Lessons learned in counter-terrorism (Brookings Institution Press, 2007)

Book Chapters

‘Counter-terrorism strategies, Muslims and current discourse’ (book chapter in an edited collection by Hurst, 2008)

‘The Negotiation of Modernity through Tradition in Contemporary Muslim Intellectual Discourse (a joint essay with M. Afifi al-Akiti in ‘Essays on Islamic Thought and Civilization’, published by MPH, 2008)

‘Abou El Fadl: Responsa’ (joint book chapter on Islamic law with M.Afifi al-Akiti, published in an Oxford University Press publication, 2008)

British Muslims, the law and terrorism (book chapter to be published in a Cairo University Press publication, 2008)

‘Ruminations and Reflections on British Muslims and Islam post 7th July’ in ‘Islamic Political Radicalism in Europe’ (book chapter published by Edinburgh University Press. 2006)

‘Wanton Violence in Muslimdom’ in ‘The State We are In: Identity, Terror and the Law of Jihad’ (book chapter published by Amal Press in 2006; widely republished in 2008)

Journal Articles

“When the Other becomes Us: The Future of Muslims and Islam in Europe’’ (Contemporary Islamic Studies, April 2008)

Engaging British Muslims in Counter-Terrorism Strategies (Royal United Services Institute Journal)(Volume 153, Number 2, April 2008)

The European Council for Fatwa and Research (Encyclopaedia of Islam, to be published by Oxford University Press, forthcoming)

Islam in America (Muslim World Book Review: Guest Review Article, June 2007)

‘From Tolerance to Recognition to Beyond: Defining Muslim Space in Europe’ (agreed for publication in AMSS publication, forthcoming)

‘Muslims and Multiculturalism’ (‘Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs’, Vol. 26, No. 3, December 2006)

‘British Islam: Past, Present and Future’  (‘The Muslim World’, Vol.97, No.2, April 2007)

‘Visions and Visualisations: Negotiating space for European Muslims’ (Journal of Contemporary Islam: Dynamics of Muslim Life’, Volume 1, No.1, October 2007)

‘Muslims in Europe’ (agreed for publication in American Journal of Social Sciences, bio-data forthcoming)

‘Minorities, Muslims and Shari’a: Some Reflections on Islamic Law and Muslims without Political Power (Journal of Islam & Christian-Muslim Relations, Vol. 18, No. 1, 85–109, January 2007)

‘Islam & the European Union’ (published in Muslim World Book Review, November 2005)