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Muslims in the UK: Counter-terrorism perspectives, Institute of International Affairs, (South Africa) (March 2008)

‘Muslims in the West’ Brookings US-Islamic World Forum, Doha (Qatar) (February 2008)

‘Responding to Tariq Ramadan’, Oxford Amnesty Lecture, Oxford (UK) (February 2008)

‘Muslims, terrorism and the law’, Cairo University (Egypt) (November 2007)

‘The Future of Europe: Our Challenges as Europeans and our Solutions’, Organisation of Security and Co-Operation chaired conference, Cordoba (Spain)(October 2007)

‘Shades of Gray’ Keynote speech at Brookings Institution (USA) (July 2007)

‘Counter-terrorism lessons from the UK’ Keynote speech at the Nixon Center (USA) (July 2007)

‘Muslims in Britain: Counter-terrorism’ Keynote speech at Brookings Institution (USA) (May 2007)

‘Muslims, the West and their positioning’ A speech at the US-Islamic World Forum in Doha, hosted by the Qatari Foreign Ministry, and the Brookings Institution (February 2007)

‘Radicalisation in Britain’ A speech on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the establishment of the Commission for Racial Equality in London (November 2006)

‘Islam and the Future of Europe’ A British Council Conference in Cairo; key speaker. (December 2006)

‘Beyond tolerance’: Association of Muslim Social Scientists, Istanbul (September 2006)

Europe in Islam: discussion panel with Tariq Ramadan, Yahya Michot, Muslim Youth Helpline (June 2006)

‘Islam in Europe’ Speaker invited by the European Commission Delegation in the United States for a conference on Capitol Hill, USA (May 2006)

"Muslims and Islam in Britain after 7/7: considerations and contemplations" Guest speaker at Cardiff University’s School of Religious and Theological Studies (February 2006)

‘Islam and Terrorism’ Speech at Conference co-organised by Zaymar and British Consulate, Abuja, Nigeria (October 2005)

‘Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation; Reflections and Ruminations post 7th July’ Speech at Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Oxford (October 2005)

Balliol College, Oxford Society for Law and Religion, University of Oxford: ‘Muslim Canon law in being ‘the Other’’ (February 2005)

50th Annual Conference of British Association for the Study of Religions: ‘Muslims as a ‘minority’ in fiqh’ (September 2004)

‘Citizenship and Discrimination in Europe’: supported by University of Warwick, European Commission and the Compagnia di San Paolo:
‘The European Union and its Muslim population: European Converts to Islam’ (December 2002)