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Media Publications and Experience

Media Publications

Media Coverage

Media Publications

Regular Guest columnist for The National, on a variety of issues (UAE)

Islamica Magazine Monthly Columnist; on various subjects for premier English-language magazine on Muslim world.

‘A page out of Muhammad’s book’ Washington Post

‘Who’s in charge?’ Washington Post

Emel Magazine Monthly Columnist

‘A reply to Shiv Malik’ Prospect Magazine

‘Islam and the Future of Europe’ (published in IslamOnline.Net

‘Missing the Point’ (published in Illume Magazine, USA)

‘Reflections on the calls to reflect’ (published in Emel, January-February Edition)

‘The Pope, Islam and European identity’ (published in Islamica, December 2006 edition)

‘Putting out the papal fire’ (published in Café Babel)

‘Europe’s future’ (published in Emel, November-December 2006 edition)

‘Poor time of use and resources’ (published in the Birmingham Post)

"Europäische Identitäten" (published in ‘Islamiche Zeitung')

‘Ourselves’ (published in Emel, September-October 2006 edition)

‘Terror and the Enemies Within: Fighting the Right Battle for Britain’ (Jurist, University of Pittsburg)

‘Enemies within are viewpoints’ (published in the New Statesman)

‘Fighting the Enemies Within’ (published in the Guardian)

‘Looking a decade on’ (Islamica Magazine)

‘Looking back from the future’ (published in Q-News edition)

‘They left with something different…’ (published in Islamica, issue no.16)

Caricatures, Context and Cartoon: Islam and Modern Europe (published in Jurist, University of Pittsburg)

Islamic Reformation or Islamic Renaissance? (published in ‘The American Muslim’) (reproduced online)

‘Now stand united…’ Letter for the Independent newspaper

Q-News: ‘Daring to Be European Muslims’ (2 part article serialised) (republished in IslamOnline.Net in November 2005)

Q-News: ‘Muslim communities of the EU’ (republished online)

Muslim News: ‘Minority Jurisprudence’ (republished online)

Commentary, American Society for International Law Insight Magazine

Occasional articles printed in ‘As-salaamu Alaykum’ (USA), ‘The Palestine Chronicle’ (USA), ‘Emirates News’ (UAE), ‘The American Muslim’ (USA) and other fora


Media Coverage

The Doha Debates, resulting in wide coverage across the Middle East and the Western press including the Christian Science Monitor

Interviewed on BBC on the subject of apostasy and Islam

Profiled and mentioned in two Congressional Quarterly Articles with regards to West-Islamic world relations (see

Wearing the Veil (Warwick University Podcast)
A Religious and Cultural Clash or a tribal Showdown: Analysing the Danish Cartoons Crisis (Warwick Podcast)

Building a sustainable response to Islamic extremism in Europe and Beyond (Warwick University Podcast)

BBC Wales expert interview on 7th July bombings in London

BBC World Service ‘Have your say’ Program

The National newspaper


Washington Post

The Guardian