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Excellence in Education Lectures

Excellence in Education Lectures - Centre for Professional Education, University of Warwick

This series of free lectures at the University of Warwick gives you the opportunity to hear about current issues in the field of education from a variety of experts and guest speakers. It is essential to register for a place, please do so using the appropriate form. You can find details of the locations of the lecture theatres on the University's map pages.

You can see examples of previous lectures here.

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25th January 2018 - ‘Motivation, Engagement and Empowerment’

14.00-16.00 - WLT (Westwood Teaching Block Lecture Theatre)

Prof Des Hewitt (Head of Primary and Early Years Teacher Education, Centre for Teacher Education, Warwick)

Brittany Wright (Teaching Fellow, Centre for Teacher Education, Warwick)

Des and Brittany will be talking about their new book ‘Engagement, Motivation and Empowerment’ to be published by Sage in 2018.

This focuses on:

- an explanation of engagement, motivation empowerment of learners (pupils and adults) in school

- recognition of the needs and challenges for teachers as well as pupils

- guidance for teachers on how to develop effective practices in school and in their early careers.

This talk will explore some of the big ideas of the book around motivation and engagement of learners, whether they are pupils or adults. We’ll examine new theories which link rights, motivation, challenge and learning. What are the implications for teacher education and schools? We believe that a good education develops high quality learning outcomes and high quality learning experiences for pupils and teachers.

10th May 2018 - Professor Emma Smith, Director Centre for Education Studies, Warwick University

"Are Schools Fair?"

14.00-16.00 -

Further details to follow.