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Celebrating 75 years of the Centre for Teacher Education!

The Centre for Teacher Education is celebrating 75 years of training teachers. This milestone symbolises the passion, ambition and commitment of CTE to training generations of teachers to become the teachers they want to be.

On 29 November, CTE held a celebration event for staff, partners and alumni to reflect on the successes and achievements of CTE over the last 75 years.

Andy, Head of the Centre for Teacher Education, had this to say:

"Bringing together university and school colleagues in the partnership, it was a pleasure to be able to celebrate the long-standing contribution to the region through teacher training that predates the establishment of a university on the site. This emphasises the commitment of the university to be involved in teacher education as we embark on the next period as part of the new School of Education, Learning and Communication Sciences and continue to ensure that Coventry teachers are the best that they can be".

CTE staff and alumni group photo

75th anniversary cake

CTE has a profound impact on the university, local community and region.

The Centre for Teacher Education’s vision and ambition derive from a commitment to continue the long history of Teacher Education at the University of Warwick where generations of new teachers gain employment in schools to improve the life chances of the children they teach.

CTE offers an extensive range of programmes to educate aspiring teachers and professionals in education. The Centre is home to the University of Warwick’s teacher training programmes and has supported students to become excellent teachers over the last 75 years. CTE’s students are highly employable and have the choice of school in the local area due to the partnerships with over 500 schools. CTE’s teachers provide excellent teaching that is intellectual, creative and socially just, benefiting children and young people in the local community.

The schools in the local and regional community that partner with CTE benefit from trainees who have a well-rounded knowledge of research and theory of education. Many trainees go on to be employed by the partner schools. The school partners also benefit from working with CTE due to the high professional standard CTE holds itself to, with excellent communication, support and sharing of knowledge.

How did CTE begin 75 years ago?

CTE has a 75-year history of training teachers. Predating the University of Warwick, the Centre for Teacher Education was established post-WWII in 1948 as an emergency institution to address the need for teachers. It then became a women-only teacher training college, with several strong female leaders guiding the centre forward.

Over the years, a broad range of approaches have been adopted in training to become a teacher, but some things have remained the same for 75 years - At the heart of what CTE does are the children their trainees will ultimately go on to teach.

Women's training college

The City of Coventry Training College

What does CTE do in the present day?

CTE continues to provide high-quality, supportive and engaging teacher training courses to train the teachers of the future to be the best they can be. The links with partner schools are key to delivering excellent teacher training programmes. Many of the teachers who work in partner schools were Warwick-trained, which nurtures the strong community within CTE.

CTE offers Primary and Secondary PGCE programmes, an MA in Professional Education and international qualifications for those teaching overseas. CTE has over 500 partner schools in the region, all helping to provide quality placements for trainee teachers.

Janet, CTE alumnus

Janet Nicholls, 1955 - 1957 alumnus, speaking about her time at the training college during the 75th celebration event.

What does the future of CTE look like?

CTE’s passion is ensuring that every child has an outstanding teacher, and CTE strives to ensure its trainees are prepared, confident and well-supported to become those teachers who are creative, curious and socially just. CTE is expanding internationally, with the PGCE iQTS programme growing each year and a digital offering for its home PGCE programmes in development.

Andy, the Head of Department and CTE alumni

Andy (Head of Department) and Janet (Training College Alumnus) at the 75th-anniversary celebration

All photographs of the celebration were taken by Yue ZhouLink opens in a new window.