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PGCE Art and Design Showcase 2023

Showcase 2023 is the fourth annual Art and Design online exhibition that celebrates the work of Art and Design trainees in the Centre for Teacher Education at Warwick. Trainees have made huge steps towards recontextualising art education, driven by the Warwick Teacher Values and a passionate commitment to maintaining and promoting the arts in schools.

Pulled together by Jake Lever - Subject Head - Art and Design - the showcase can be viewed online and includes the works of ten PGCE Art and Design trainees.

Visit the Showcase 2023 - PGCE Art and Design exhibition online.

"Each trainee presents three schemes of work that they have taught on placement, drawing upon pedagogical skills gained both at school and university. They have sought, in their individual ways, to integrate theoretical and disciplinary knowledge alongside practical skills. In doing so they have contextualised the study of Art and Design so that their students are given the opportunity to engage with issues, ideas and cultural practices alongside practical making. In this ambitious task, they should be congratulated, and I wish each one of them every success as they embark on their journeys as teachers of Art and Design".

Jake Lever - Subject Lead - Art and Design, Centre for Teacher Education