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Anna Donnelly

Anna Donnelly – Assistant Professor

Tel: 024765 22096
Room: WA 0.05c

Professional and Teaching Expertise

Anna began her teaching vocation here at Warwick; her learning during those four years shaped her philosophy of education and began her teaching career. She has taught in a wide range of settings both in England and internationally, which have shaped her philosophy of education. Over the course of her teaching and leadership roles, English has been a particular passion.

She believes deeply in the power and possibilities of enrichment opportunities for all children as a key driver for social justice; in her practise as a teacher and adviser she made links with many organisations to support this, as well as exploiting local opportunities to support learning and curriculum provision.

She has experiences of team teaching, live coaching, remote coaching and problem solving together to support Early Career Teachers and more experienced colleagues to, as Schon puts it, both ‘reflect on action’ and ‘reflect in action’. This is at the heart of why she loves her vocation: what works for one child in one year will not work for the next – asking why, and learning from research and one another, how to improve the experience for the learner, is the most exciting part.

Additional Qualifications

MA in Educational Leadership and Management (2017) The University of Warwick

  • MA in Children’s Literature in Education- (2006) The University of Cambridge
  • BA (English Specialism) with Honours and QTS (2004) The University of Warwick

Academic Interests & Teaching & Learning Specialisms:

  • Children’s literature in education
  • Multimodality in education (particularly animation and film education)
  • Teaching and learning of writing
  • Teaching and learning of reading
  • Shakespeare in primary settings
  • Poetry in primary settings
  • Latin in primary settings
  • Collaborative learning
  • Philosophy for children
  • Instructional coaching
  • Environmental education
  • Curriculum development
  • Reading for Pleasure