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Dr. John Keenan

Dr. John Keenan – Associate Teaching Fellow


John previously taught English and media in schools and further education before moving to teacher training in 2006. Among his many roles, he was co-ordinator of the Advertising and Media degree at Coventry University and Lead English Tutor for Teach First in the West Midlands. He has published work on teaching through autoethnography, epistemology and college-based higher education and is currently co-writing a book on teacher education.

Professional & Teaching Expertise

Teacher education.

English, literacy and EAL.

Academic Interests & Teaching & Learning Specialisms

College-based Higher Education.

Reflection and pedagogy.

Publications & Projects

Keenan, J and Kadi-Hanifi, K. (2021) College-Based Higher Education: A New Hope. Chapter in Hopeful Pedagogies in Higher Education by Mike Seal (Ed.). London: Bloomsbury.

Kadi-Hanifi, K and Keenan, J (Eds) (2020) CBHE and Its Identities. Palgrave Macmillan.

Keenan, J. and Kadi-Hanifi, K. (2019) Epistemological moor-ing. Re-positioning Foucault, Bourdieu and Derrida theory to its Northern African origins. Teaching in Higher Education.

Keenan, J. and Kadi-Hanifi, K. (2019) What does the further and adult education sector do and why does it matter? Chapter One of Tummons, J. (Ed) PCET: Learning and teaching in the post compulsory sector. London: Sage.

Kadi-Hanifi, K. and Keenan, J. (2016) Finding the ‘a-ha’ moment: an exploration into HE in FE teacher self-concept. Research in Post-compulsory Education, Vol.21(1-2), 73-85.

Kadi-Hanifi, K. and Keenan, J. (2016) The urgent need for collective scholarship in FE. Commissioned think piece for Association of Colleges, November 2016. Available at:

Kadi-Hanifi, K. and Keenan, J. (2015) Singing better songs? A life history study of higher education teacher educators working in the English further education sector. Power and Education, Vol. 7(3), 338-354.

Keenan, J. and Evans, A. (2013) ‘I am a Starbucks worker… my life no longer belongs to me’: the performance of estrangement as a learning tool. Teaching in Higher Education. Vol.19 (2) 101-112.

Other Positions

John also works at Newman University as lead tutor on the English PGCE programme and as a visiting lecturer at Leicester University.