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Green Space


Welcome to Green Space 2024

This day provides an opportunity for us to express our commitment to social justice by engaging in one of the most pressing global issues of our time – climate change. As teachers it is our responsibility to work with our students to understand the nature of this challenge, recognising that schools are at the heart of their communities and can be powerful catalysts for change.

The keynote presentation delivered by pupils from Barr’s Hill School is followed by a series of sessions by practitioners in this field, to inform and inspire you. After hearing these, we would like you to design some learning, drawing upon what you have learned from these sessions as well as the extensive resources on the website. You will be working in groups and have the support of staff from Warwick Enterprise by dropping into our Inspiration Garden, as well as your tutors. We look forward to seeing what you create together.

I hope you enjoy the day and that it prepares you for developing this work in schools.

Jake Lever

Assistant Professor

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What previous attendees have said

 I now feel much more confident approaching the issues of climate change and sustainability in a way that is both educational and sensitive.

Overall, it was very thought provoking and informative in terms of how to teach about climate change in multiple primary subjects, to create an eco-culture within school where sustainability and climate change are key to our daily practice.

An eye-opening day which has provided us with lots of resources. I really appreciate the freedom to research and conduct our own learning with lots of useful waypoints to help us.