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Green Space


Welcome to Green Space. The climate crisis is the most significant threat to humanity we have ever faced. It is already impacting the lives, economies and neighbourhoods of millions of people globally and is the defining social justice issue of our time. It is increasingly recognised internationally that schools need to be at the forefront of responding to climate change, both in the way that they model sustainability, but also develop climate literacy across all phases and subjects.  

Having heard leading practitioners and their pupils reflect personally on their journey with climate education, on this year’s Green Space Day (24 April), trainees are required to work collaboratively to create learning plans themselves. This reflects the urgency of the challenge, and my hope is that the resulting plans will be shared here and used in schools soon. The website is stocked with a very wide range of current resources to support trainees in meeting their brief, as well develop teaching materials longer term. 

I hope that you will seize this opportunity for exploration and apply your creativity to create new learning that will move your pupils from a place of eco-anxiety to positive eco-engagement.

Jake Lever 

Assistant Professor

What previous attendees have said

 I now feel much more confident approaching the issues of climate change and sustainability in a way that is both educational and sensitive.

Overall, it was very thought provoking and informative in terms of how to teach about climate change in multiple primary subjects, to create an eco-culture within school where sustainability and climate change are key to our daily practice.

An eye-opening day which has provided us with lots of resources. I really appreciate the freedom to research and conduct our own learning with lots of useful waypoints to help us.