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Attesting Documentation

An Offer Holder for the iQTS programme will not be able to proceed to enrolment unless we have received attested copies of all documentation that relates to a condition of that offer. This means that you will need to obtain the service of someone who can verify that they have witnessed your original documentation, by signing and dating a copy to confirm that they have seen the original.

If you receive an offer for a place on the iQTS programme you will be required to provide attested copies of the following:

  • UK Bachelors degree with Honours at 2:2 or above, or equivalent level.

  • At least Grade C or the new Grade 4 in GCSE Mathematics, or equivalent level
  • At least Grade C or the new Grade 4 in GCSE Mathematics, or equivalent level (Primary Only)
  • Passport/ID Card

Who can attest my documentation?

We will accept the following to attestation services (please note you cannot obtain attestation services from someone who is personally known to you):

  • A Solicitor or Notary
  • One of our Overseas AgentsLink opens in a new window : We have a number of UoW agents based overseas that may be located close to you. If you select this option, please do ensure that you confirm with us prior to obtaining this service so that we can confirm directly with the individual agent that you will be visiting them.

What if I can't obtain any of the above services?

If you are unable to get your documentation attested by one of the above services, we may be able to offer the following solutions:

  • You can post original documentation directly to us. If you select this option please advise and we will provide you with an address. You will need to provide a return envelop so that we can post your documentation back to you.
  • You or a family member/friend can bring original documentation to Centre for Teacher Education, where we will be able to attest that we have seen original documentation. If you select this option you will need to organise a time to come in.
  • Your placement school may be able to attest copies of your documentation, provided they have already submitted a completed Partnership Agreement.

If you have any questions, please do contact us at