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How do I get classroom experience before training?

Get as much experience in classrooms as you can before your application

How can I gain classroom experience and why is it useful?

Now is the best time to start organising your school experience, to help you make a great application.

School experience is strongly recommended if you are interested in becoming a teacher. Although it is not a requirement to apply to our course, gaining as much experience as you can in the classroom will strengthen your application and prepare you for our Selection Day.

It will also give you the chance to see what it’s really like to be a teacher, and help you decide which route is best for you.

Please note: A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check may be required to assist in some schools. This should be organised by the school and can take at least four weeks to complete. Please check with the school in advance.

1. Gain school experience

If you’re considering starting an exciting career in teaching, you may want to do school experience before you apply.

Find out more about how to get school experienceLink opens in a new window in a primary or secondary school across England.

2. Arrange your own placement

You can arrange your own school experience for both primary and secondary schools.

  • We work in partnership with over 500 schools, you can contact one of the lead School Alliances and mention that you are applying to Warwick.
  • The 'Get Information About Schools' page is a searchable list of all educational establishments in England and Wales which can help you find a suitable school for your placement.
  • Contact your old school, they already know you!
3. Volunteer

If you are a current Warwick student, the Warwick Volunteers service gives you a chance to volunteer in a local school.

Many Universities have similar programmes, so if you're studying elsewhere, why not contact your Students’ Union to see what volunteering opportunities are on offer?

4. Help a club

There are also volunteer opportunities with after-school clubs, sports coaching or groups such as Scouts or Guides, all of which are considered great experience.

5. Warwick in Africa

If you are a current Warwick student, Warwick in Africa provides a unique opportunity to teach Maths or English in secondary schools in South Africa, Tanzania and Ghana for up to six weeks.