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Alison Morgan

Alison Morgan photo - woman smiling with red/brown hair

Presenter affiliation(s)/organisation(s):

CTE, Warwick

Session title:

Bringing history to life in the classroom: An exploration of how the study of visual and aural artefacts can give voice to the forgotten and disenfranchised

Abstract/brief summary:

Drawing on her extensive research into radical working-class culture of the Romantic period (1789-1832), Alison uses the Peterloo Massacre (1819) as a case study to explore how the visual and aural representations of historical events can give voice to those who are usually missing in dominant cultural narratives with the aim of increasing the relevance of and engagement with our collective past and present. Using feminist and historicist approaches, participants will examine the representations of gender and class in the sights and sounds of a seminal event in the history of democracy and consider how to adopt and adapt these approaches in the classroom.

This session is suitable for PGCE students specialising in English, history, drama, music or art.


Supplementary resources:

Bringing history to life in the classroom.pptx