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Becki Coombe

Becki Coombe photo - woman with dark curly hair

Presenter affiliation(s)/organisation(s):

The Learn2 Group (Warwick Uni CTE)

Session title:

Supporting the engagement of disaffected and disengaged learners/those with low academic self-esteem

Abstract/brief summary:

We will consider ideas for how to create and/or support positive learning environments where learners engage with academic tasks and feel confident to both attempt completion of learning outcomes AND ask for specific support where they feel it is needed.

We will consider potential obstacles to learners’ progression and explore possible methods to motivate, such as how feedback is presented.

We will take a look at:

  • providing a supportive structure
  • creating and maintaining motivational learning environments
  • identifying obstacles to learning
  • leading by example/support structures
  • methods of and providing supporting feedback
  • rewards and sanctions

This may particularly appeal to those considering focusing their teaching on working in inclusion centres (within or external to a mainstream school), those with a desire to teach in dedicated special educational needs settings, or, those that would appreciate a few more ideas on engaging the disengaged within their mainstream settings.


This session was not recorded.

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