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Table of Contents Categories

    Data Attributes

    • All attributes from the automated content Table of Contents page
    • data-type - toc-categories (specifies toc processor but additionally applying the output to create news/events page categories)
    • data-color - a color for the category label (default clear) - DarkGrey, DarkRed, DarkBrown, DarkOrange, DarkYellow, DarkGreen, DarkBlue, DarkPurple, DarkPink, , Red, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, LightGrey, LightRed, LightBrown, LightOrange, LightYellow, LightGreen, LightBlue, LightPurple, LightPink

    Template Variables


    This processor creates sitebuilder tags/categories in a sitebuilder news/event page. Be aware that any page title that begins with an underscore "_" will be ignored!