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Careers in Economics Webinar Series 2020-21

Over the past few years we have found that students from Warwick’s Economics Department have highly valued the opportunity to meet with employers and alumni to explore the range of economics related careers.

For the 2020-21 academic year, we will be hosting a new series of webinars covering a range of topics. Below, you can see a schedule of the webinars and who we have invited to speak to you in Term 1. We hope that you take this opportunity to learn from employers about the skills that they value in economics graduates and find out more about how to apply for the positions that they offer in their companies.

If you are a Warwick student or a member of staff you have access to the recordings of the webinars. You will find links to them below but you need to be logged into your Warwick account.

Speaker 1: David Storey (Warwick Economics, MSc 2019)
currently Associate at the Economic Consulting Associates (ECA), starting PhD in WBS next year
Speaker 2: Khaled Bastaki (Warwick Economics, MSc 2019)
currently PhD student University of Essex
Speaker 3: Rati Hasgekar (Warwick Economics, MSc 2017)
currently Economist at Reserve Bank of India
Speaker 4: Mariana Racimo
Current Warwick Economics PhD student
Speaker 1: Mahmood Abdulla (Warwick Economics, MSc 2018)
Investment Associate, Flat6Labs in Bahrain
Speaker 2: Martin Li (Warwick Economics, BSc 2017)
Equities Management & Strategy, Goldman Sachs
Speaker 3: Adam Khan (BSc Hons (First Class) Economics, 2019)
Assistant Economist, Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
Speaker 4: Pankhuri Bansal (MSc Economics and International Financial Economics, 2016)
Economist & Data Scientist Blockchain Expert, United Nations and Blockchain Researcher, J.P. Morgan
Speaker 4: Veenu Singh (MSc Economics, 2017)
Evaluation Lead (Economist), Development Monitoring & Evaluation Office, NITI Aayog, Government of India
Speaker 1: Clara Ana Coutinho de Sousa (PhD Economics, 1998)
Manager of the IDA Strategy and Operations Unit, World Bank
Speaker 2: Nikhil Sanghani (BA (Hons) Economics, Politics and International Studies,2018)
Emerging Markets Economist, Capital Economics
Speaker 3: Nahrin Swarna (MSc Economics, 2015)
Policy Analyst, BRAC
Speaker 4: Jakob Christensen (MSc Quantitative Development Economics, 1996)
Chief Analyst, Head of International Macro and Emerging Market Research, Danske Bank
Speaker 1: Gilda Romano (MSc Economics, 2017)
Senior Economist, Ofwat
Speaker 2: Enrico Russo
Principal Economist, Ofwat
Speaker 3: Dr Milton Hugo Salas-Martinez
Principal Economist, Ofwat
Speaker 1: Helena Quinn (PPE, 2013)
Data and Technology Insight Adviser, Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)
Speaker 1: Caroline Escott (EPAIS, 2006)
Senior Investment Manager, RPMI Railpen
The Brattle Group:
Speaker 1: Emmanuelle Derré (PPE, 2016)
Senior Research Analyst

Speaker 2: Dhivya Akilan (MSc Economics, 2019)
Research Analyst
Compass Lexecon:
Speaker 1: Gytautas Karklius (BSc Economics,2017)

Speaker 2: Verdi Choo (BSc Economics, 2018)
Senior Analyst
NERA Economic Consulting:
Speaker 1: Zuzana Janeckova (MSc Finance, 2012)
Senior Consultant/Principal

Speaker 2: Magnus Martinsen (BSc Economics, 2016 and MSc Economics, 2017)
Economic Analyst
Speaker 1: Matthew Bardrick (BSc Economics, 2010)
Senior Economist, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Speaker 2: Christopher Scott (MSc Economics, 2017)
Economic Advisor at Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government

Speaker 1: Wiktor Woszczek (BSc Economics, 2019)
Analyst, Cornerstone Research

Speaker 2: Anthony Zhang (MSc Behavioural and Economic Science, 2019)
Economist, Economic Insight
Speaker 3: Sarah Barker
Analyst, Economic Insight
Speaker 4: Alasdair Crookes
Consultant, Economic Insight
Speaker 1: Dr Lory Barile
Director of Graduate Studies (Taught Degrees) at the Department of Economics, Warwick
Speaker 2: Stephanie Redding
Senior Careers Consultant for Department of Economics, Student Opportunity, Warwick
Speaker 1: Stavros Antonopoulos (BSc Economics, 2017)
Supervision Analyst at European Central Bank

Speaker 2: Paula Gallego Marquez (BSc Economics, 2015)
Economist, Banking Policy at the Bank of England

Previous Years

In the past, we have hosted an annual Careers in Economics event. Please see the links below for an archive of these previous events.