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Module Skills

Studying economics equips you with important employability skills that render you valuable in the job market. Hence, it is important to develop an employability profile as you progress through your degree. In an intensely competitive labour market, employers are always looking out for people who can efficiently deal with a wide variety of jobs under different circumstances. Developing a comprehensive employment profile will enable you to add value to the workplace as well as help you in identifying roles that fit your interests (Jenkins and Lane, Economics Network 2019).

A degree in economics not only equips you with strong quantitative skills, but also provides you with the opportunity to develop strong critical and logical reasoning skills among others. The exercise below has been designed to enable you to understand the various disciplinary and transferable skills associated with modules you take in your degree in order to enable you to develop your job profile. Knowledge of such skills will better equip you to communicate and consolidate your profile to prospective employers.

Year of Study

    Subject Knowledge and Understanding

      Cognitive Skills

        Subject specific/Professional skills

          Key skills

            In addition to the skills we note here Warwick has 4 skills not covered elsewhere and these are:

            • Self-awareness – these are skills you acquire by undertaking PDM, attending the Department careers fairs and through your extra-curricular activities.
            • Ethical values – This is covered by COLE and through the internationalisation workshops the Department has run(*).
            • Professionalism – Almost all modules delivered in the Department require you to manage/organise your priorities and time, operate autonomously and also equip you to be more efficient and resilient.
            • Organisational awareness – Throughout your degree, you will be equipped to understand the responsibilities of the organisation, as well as develop awareness about the government and third sector issues and priorities.

            (*) The Department is also developing resources for students on Refresher Maths and Academic Writing

            University resource on skills: Warwick Core Skills.

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