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Diploma Modules

    Course Overview

    All candidates shall normally take the following modules:

    Code Module CATS Credits
    EC201 Macroeconomics 2 30
    EC202 Microeconomics 2 30
    EC226 Econometrics 1 30

    In addition, candidates need to select a further second- or third-year undergraduate module to the value of 30 CATS (or two 15 CAT modules) approved by the Department of Economics.

    Find out the full details of the core and optional modules the Department is intending to offer Diploma students.

    However, the information given is indicative rather than definitive and in some cases it has not been possible to include the whole syllabus. Final decisions on whether any option will actually be taught as a full module or as a “reading module” (or not at all) will depend on the numbers who choose it.