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EC304: Making of Economic Policy

  • Clement Imbert

    Module Leader
30 CATS - Department of Economics

Principal Aims

The module examines problems of international economic coordination and policy and macro and micro problems of British and international economics and policymaking.

Principal Learning Outcomes

:... have an understanding of the differences and complementarities in economic and political modes of analysis; develop a critical understanding of debates about the impacts of policies and policies on economic performance; assess the impact of globalisation on the autonomy of national economic policy and acquire knowledge and analytical skills relevant to careers in government, the media, the financial services sector, business associations and industry


In no set order, topics have included: theories of the policy making process, theory and empirics of market failure; public choice theories; issues of international political economy and globalisation; bureaucracy and the “core” executive in Britain; the development of governments’ economic policies in recent decades, including the economics and politics of inflation, unemployment, and migration, the welfare state and economic performance, income distribution, corruption, public finance, and regional and global governance.


Core Module
LM1D (LLD2) - Year 3, LM1H - Year 3
Optional Module
V7ML - Year 3, V7MM - Year 3, V7MP - Year 3, V7MR - Year 3
Pre or Co-requisites
A Politics 200-coded Political Theory Module and EC204


Assessment Method
Coursework (30%) + Online Examination (70%)
Coursework Details
2000 word policy case study (30%) , Online Examination (70%)
Exam Timing

Reading Lists