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EC331: Research in Applied Economics

  • Caroline Elliott

    Module Leader
  • Gianna Boero

    Module Leader
  • Samuel Obeng

    Module Leader
30 CATS - Department of Economics
Summer Module
Spring Module
Autumn Module

Principal Aims

This is a final year research project which applies the basic ideas of economics.

Principal Learning Outcomes

Subject knowledge and understanding: (i) understand how economists approach questions, in particular, how they construct hypotheses and use data to discriminate between alternate explanations for events or patterns.


The module will typically cover the following topics: research methods; guidance on choosing a topic, developing a research question, searching the literature, guide to economic data sources, overview of useful techniques for applied economic analysis.


Core Module
R1L4 - Year 4, R2L4 - Year 4, R3L4 - Year 4, R4L1 - Year 4, L100 - Year 3, L116 - Year 3
Optional Module
G300 - Year 4, G300 - Year 5, G1G3 - Year 3, G1G3 - Year 4, GG14 - Year 3, GG14 - Year 4, R9L1 - Year 4
Pre or Co-requisites

EC204 or EC201 + EC202, and EC203 or EC220 + EC221 or EC226


Modules: (EC204-30 and EC203-30) and (EC204-30 and EC220-15 and EC221-15) and (EC204-30 and EC226-30) and (EC201-30 and EC202-30 and EC203-30) and (EC201-30 and EC202-30 and EC220-15 and EC221-15) and (EC201-30 and EC202-30 and EC226-30)

Part-year Availability for Visiting Students
Not available on a part-year basis


Assessment Method
Coursework (100%)
Coursework Details
Assignment 1 (Literature Review and Project Outline) (10%) , Assignment 2 (Final Project) (80%) , Presentation 1 (10%)
Exam Timing

Exam Rubric


Previous exam papers can be found in the University’s past papers archive. Please note that previous exam papers may not have operated under the same exam rubric or assessment weightings as those for the current academic year. The content of past papers may also be different.

Reading Lists