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Sample Projects

I have provided below a selective short list of project titles along with copies of some of the projects that were give a mark of 70% or more. Only those who gave permission to upload their projects have been uploaded.

Please note:

(i) Just following the same procedures as one given below using a different dataset will not give you the same mark.

(ii) Please try to do something more adventurous or novel or interesting.

1. Does Human Capital Tell the Whole Story? The Role of Institutions in Regional Development Revisited.

2. Are Analysts Still Overconfident?

3. Average Temperature and Performance in International Football.

4. Is there an Environmental Kuznets Curve for CO2 emissions? A time series analysis on the US.

5. Estimating the Impact of Income and Public Spending on Health in Reducing Child Mortality in the Developing World.

6. Getting Away With It? The Cost of the Saudi Arms Bribery to BAE.

7. Analysis of the Determinants of Push and Pull Factors on Capital Flows in Thailand amid the Global Uncertainty.

8. Education expenditure by family: income effect, family type and number of children under age 18.