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On Line Material

The aim of the RM module is to help to prepare you for your dissertation research. The module is not DIRECTLY examined or assessed - but your dissertation is. Your dissertation constitutes 20% of the MSc course as a whole. The module is being taught by Michael McMahon and Mirko Draca.

So let me start by reminding you that the clock is ticking: the dissertation deadline is 9 September 2015 and its never too soon to start thinking about what you might work on. Do not leave this until after the May exams!

Of course, we hope that the material covered in the RM module will also be of use to you after the MSc - whether you plan to undertake a PhD and become an academic, or become a professional economist, or take up some other occupation.

The Library (both physical and virtual) will be an important resource for your studies. You should also investigate the Learning Grid in University House. IT Services will brief you at the MSc introductory meeting.