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Rethink Economics Warwick

Who we are:

Rethink Economics Warwick is a society run by an enthusiastic group of students dedicated to thinking outside the box and discussing socio-economic issues in a more open and pluralistic way.

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Why do we need to rethink economics?

After the disastrous sequence of events following the 2008 housing crisis, one sharp question emerged; “Why did no one see this coming?” Numerous academics have tried and failed to answer the question, and professional economists have been subject to severe scrutiny. Economics as a whole has been hit by a shock, especially after the lull of the early 2000s, in which economists had started believing they had ‘solved’ the economy. All of this has contributed to the need for a different way of looking at economics. For too long, economics has been centred on a single world-view and has developed a ‘scientific’ air which has led to complacency in the profession.

What's our mission?

Rethink Economics Warwick is a part of Rethinking Economics, which is an international network of students, academics, and professionals building a better economics in society and in the classroom. As students, academics, and policy-makers, we want answers for the fundamental question of economics and the economy itself, such as the nature of money, the role of the state, and the behaviour of households and individuals, among other such questions.

In looking for answers to these important questions, we would like to open up the discourse to different approaches, different models with different methods making different assumptions. Whether it is different schools of thought within economics, or even fields outside of economics such as political science and anthropology, we want to reignite debate in the profession, and question the established wisdom of the field.