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Undergraduate Handbook

Welcome to the Department of Economics from the Director of Undergraduate Studies

Welcome to Economics at Warwick. I very much hope that you find your degree course interesting, challenging and rewarding. Our aim is to ensure that you will graduate with a degree from one of the best Economics departments in the UK, and that you will reach your full potential during your time here. As Director of Undergraduate Studies in Economics, my aim is to ensure that our courses are designed and delivered to the very highest standards in all dimensions of teaching, learning, development, assessment and feedback. This year will be much closer to a normal year, but there will still be some differences, with all of us continuing to develop new skills as we continue to have some online teaching and learning. You will get face to face teaching as well, but whether you are being taught or learning in person or online, it won't change the quality, diversity or enthusiasm within our teaching and whatever the circumstances, you will continue to experience a first class education.

In less than 50 years, we have established ourselves at the forefront of both economic research and education in the UK and beyond and we attract students from all around the world due to our reputation for offering rigorous and exciting training, and the fact that so many employers are keen to work with our graduates. As a member of the academic staff, I feel very fortunate to be teaching at Warwick — in large part because of the calibre of our undergraduate students, whose energy, brightness and creativity continue to inspire (and challenge!) us as lecturers and supervisors.

I believe that Warwick provides an excellent environment for learning and for personal, professional and intellectual development. Teaching is informed by the very latest developments in research, and optional modules provide a great breadth of choice across fields of Economics and other disciplines and you will be taught by top-class teachers and researchers from year 1. The level of support available to you is something we are proud of and through exciting projects such as our Personal Development Module, we are aiming to provide you with valuable opportunities to enhance your CV, giving you a competitive advantage when you graduate. It is little wonder that Warwick Economics students are so sought after by graduate recruiters.

One of the secrets of our success is that we are never complacent. Our innovative curriculum across both our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes provides an outstanding training in economics which is both intellectual and professional. We recognise that we live and work in a global and dynamic environment — we could hardly not, given how international we are in the topics we teach and in terms of the rich diversity of both our students and our staff. Therefore a key aspect of my role as Director of Undergraduate Studies is to seek to enhance all aspects of our programmes and thereby create the best possible conditions in which you can thrive and gain value from your time at Warwick. A key input into this process is you, so I am always eager to receive comments and feedback from you — either individually or through the Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) — on where and how we can improve further. Please don’t hesitate to approach me with your thoughts, reflections and suggestions either by email or in my Advice and Feedback hours.

I wish you the happiest and most rewarding of times during your studies with us at Warwick.

Professor Elizabeth Jones
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Economics