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Week 24

Department News

RES Public Events

Alongside the Royal Economic Society’s Annual Conference held on 15-17 April, there will be a series of early evening discussion panels with high profile speakers open to the general public – RES Presents:

  • Monday 15 April, 6pm-7.15pm in OC0.03 - How can economics be better communicated and discussed? With Dr Arun Advani, Prof Wendy Carlin, Prof Rachel Griffiths, Martin Wolf and chaired by Lord Nicholas Stern (LSE)
  • Tuesday 16 April, 6pm-7.15pm in OC0.03 - Brexit: where is it taking us? With Lord Macpherson, Prof Vicky Pryce, Prof Michael Wickens, Prof L. Alan Winters and chaired by Dr Gemma Tetlow (Institute for Government)
  • Wednesday 17 April, 6pm-7.15pm at Coventry Central Hall - How can universities and businesses foster economic growth? With Prof Paul Cheshire, Prof Stuart Crfot, Rain Newton-Smith; chaired by Rachana Shanbhogue (The Economist)
Nick Crafts @ 70

A conference to celebrate the career of Professor Nicholas Crafts will be held at the University of Warwick starting today until 16 March 2019. A full programme of the speakers for each day can be found here.

Instability Hub- Why are Economies Unstable? 3rd Workshop

On Monday 18th March, Rebuilding Macroeconomics will be running a workshop at Radcliffe House as part of the Instability Hub at the University of Warwick. The workshop will consist of a discussion between the successful applicants from the first research call. They will be invited to share their ideas and plans going forward with each other and building networks within the Hub. The workshop will take place at the University of Warwick and bring together a range of experts from economics and different disciplines. A copy of the programme can be found here.

If you would like to attend, please email Margaret Nash before Friday 15th March (, as spaces are restricted.

Recognition Awards

The following individuals have been nominated for a departmental recognition award:

January Awards

Amira Elasra, Alex Dobson and Simon Blake –collegial behaviour by covering large lectures at very short notice.

Teo Nistor, Charlotte White and Bozena Beauclair –calmly planning and organising the complex logistics for the off-site accommodation and transport for the MSc pre-sessional.

Bozena Beauclair and Terry Cheng –successfully developing and implementing the WISE project scheme.

Piotr Jelonek – upskilling the PG team by providing latex training. Margaret Nash – willingly covering tasks to support PhD students on the job market at short notice.

February Awards

Camilla Roncoroni, Roberto Pancrazi, Thiemo Fetzer, Costas Cavounidis and Luis Candelaria Barrera - introducing streamlined processes for Junior Hiring and fostering collegiate behaviour.

Tina MacSkimming – attitude and enthusiasm when covering additional a complex administration task for the UG team.

We would like to see the Recognition Scheme used more broadly in the department and encourage you to learn more about the scheme.

Warwick/Princeton/Utah Political Economy Conference 2019

The Department of Economics at the University of Warwick along with the Department of Politics at Princeton University and the Department of Finance at University of Utah will be hosting the Political Economy Conference 2019 in Venice on 23 - 24 March 2019. The Conference will feature a range of academics from across the world presenting papers on a number of topics.

University Staff Awards 2019 – nominations now open

The University Staff Awards 2019 are now open!! We were delighted that Colin Ellis - Facilities Officer won the 2018 University award for Unsung Hero! This year there are 11 different categories to choose from and making a nomination is very simple. If you would like to recognise a member of staff for the hard work that they do, or the contribution that they make to the department and to the wider University, please follow this link:

Deadline for submissions is: Midnight Sunday 17 March 2019. 

Publications, Presentations, Workshops, Working Papers & Talks

Eric Renault presented "Weak Instrument Test in Discrete Choice Models” joint with David Frazier, Lina Zhang and Xueyan Zhao at the Nuffield Econometrics Seminar (Oxford University, Department of Economics) on Friday 8th March.

Media Coverage

"Letters: Violent crime is fuelled by fewer officers on the streets " - Andrew Oswald's article - Financial Times, 6 March 2019 [Subscription needed]

"8 ways you can increase employee productivity" - Andrew Oswald's research mentioned - Good to SEO, 2 March 2019

"The AI road to serfdom?" - Robert Skidelsky's Opinion column - The Jordan Times, 4 March 2019

"Vegetables for the psyche" - Andrew Oswald quoted - Wissenschaft aktuell, 28 February 2019 [in German]

Department Diary

Staff Spotlight

Lory Barile is in the spotlight for this week's new starter interview - find out more about her.