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Week 4

Department News

Undergraduate Open Day - Thank you

Many thanks to everyone who helped with the organisation of the Open Day on 21 October. Your support at these events is extremely valuable as together we were able to give visitors a very positive experience of the Department, which, hopefully, met or exceeded their expectations. Feedback received on the day was very positive.

We had approximately 700 visitors attending three Economics Talks and 76 visitors at our Drop-in session in the Oculus. There was a constant stream of visitors at the Exhibition (Panorama) and Admin/Student Drop-in in S2.79 until 2pm.

Future open days: Offer Holders Open Days February, March and April and University Open Days in June 2018.

Question Time 2017 - Video

The Question Time 2017 video has been made available to view online for those who missed the event or were unable to attend. To find out more about how the event went and what was discussed as this year's topic, read our news story here.

Welcome 2018

September 2018 will see the introduction of Warwick's first teaching-free Warwick Welcome Week (w/c 24 September 2018). Welcome Week is for all new students starting at the University of Warwick in September 2018. This includes undergraduates, postgraduate taught and research students. Tailored events and activities will be available to students from different backgrounds.

Currently in the planning stages, the University is working with Departments to capture ideas of what Welcome Week could involve. More information regarding the plans so far, including their vision statement, can be found on their Welcome 2018 webpage. If you have any suggestions to put forward you can contact the Economics Welcome Representatives Charlotte White ( or Elizabeth Jones (, or alternatively, you could share your ideas here.

Teaching & Learning Seminar Series - 'The Demise of the Lecture' Seminar - 29 November

Dr Steven Proud from University of Bristol will be delivering a seminar exploring whether lectures remain relevant in an increasingly digital world. This seminar is open to staff and you will need to register here in order to attend.

Winter Graduation 2018

The date has now been set for the 2018 Winter Graduation ceremony. This will take place on Friday 19 January at 3pm. This ceremony will be followed by a reception at 5.15pm in Panorama Room, Rootes Building, for all these students, their families and friends to toast and celebrate their achievements. All staff are invited to join in with the festivities so please do save the date and come along if you can.

Fire Drills - 20017/18

Planned fire drills will be taking place across campus over the coming months, to make sure we’re all prepared in the event of an emergency. Find out more.

Staff Profiles

A reminder to all staff to complete and keep update their individual profile page. This is the first webpage that internal and external users will see when they search for you on the University's website. All staff have been given access to edit their own webpage. A number of staff photos were taken recently by an external professional photographer. If you do require a photograph taken, please email economics dot news at warwick dot ac dot uk and we will add you to next round.

Publications & Presentations

Mingli Chen presented "Quantile Graphical Models: Prediction and Conditional Independence with Applications to Financial Risk Managements" at UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and California Econometrics Conference at Stanford.

Peter Hammond attended the EUI (European University Institute) Economics Alumni conference in Florence in October and on Friday 6th October, he presented his paper "Efficiently Regulated Insurance Markets with Adverse Selection and Many Goods.

Thijs Van Rens and Roland Rathelot published "Rethinking the Skills Gap" in the IZA World of Labor.

Mark Harrison presented his paper “The Soviet Economy: 1917-1991: Its Life and Afterlife” on 16th July as a keynote lecture¬ to the Fifth Symposium on Quantitative Economic History, Henan University, Kaifeng, China, and on 23 September as a keynote lecture to the Clifford Symposium, Middlebury College, Vermont. This paper was published in September in The Independent Review 22(2) (2017), pp. 199-206.

Mark Harrison presented his paper “Secrecy and State Capacity: a Look Behind the Iron Curtain” on 22nd September to the Economics Department seminar, Middlebury College, Vermont.

Andy Ferrara presented his paper "Economic and Social Integration of Minorities: The Effect of WWII on Racial Segregation" at Pompeu Fabra on 18th October.

Kirill Pogorelskiy presented his paper “News Sharing and Voting on Social Networks: An Experimental Study” (joint w/Matthew Shum) at several workshops and seminars: “Political Economy: Theory meets Empirics” at the University of Konstanz, at Aix Marseille seminar, and at the 15th Media Economics Workshop in Barcelona.

Kirill Pogorelskiy's paper: "Call Market Experiments: Efficiency and Price Discovery through Multiple Calls and Emergent Newton Adjustments” (joint w/Charles R. Plott) has just been published as a lead article by American Economic Journal: Microeconomics

Sascha Becker presented his work on the Protestant Reformation and Anti-Semitism at UCL on Monday 23rd October.

Eugenio Proto conducted the seminar “Effect of Positive Mood on Cooperation under Repeated Interactions" at the Cournot Seminar Series in Stratsbourg on 20th October.

Ali Moghaddasi's paper titled: "Do Job Destruction Shocks Matter in the Theory of Unemployment" (joint with Melvyn Coles) has been accepted for publication in American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics.

Jonathan Cave gave a webinar on “Standardisation and its impact on EU-US ICT collaboration” sponsored by a joint EU-US project" on 29th September.

Jonathan Cave delivered a talk on data ethics at the Royal Society, in conjunction with a consultation on the Government’s Data Ethics Guidelines on 2nd October.

Jonathan Cave participated in a panel on “The Regulator’s Perspective” at the Global Cyber Security Summit on London on 13th October.

Jonathan Cave met with members of the House of Lords to discuss the future of work (and the impact of data analytics thereon) on 12th October.

Dennis Novy presented research on "Currency Unions, Trade, and Heterogeneity" (joint with Natalie Chen) at Middlesex University on 18 October 2017 and at the Trade and Development Workshop at the Delhi School of Economics on 23 October 2017.

Carlo Schwarz with Fabian Waldinger and Alessandro Iaria have had their paper: "Frontier Knowledge and Scientific Production: Evidence from the Collapse of International Science" accepted in the Quarterly Journals of Economics (QJE) in October 2017.

Media Coverage

"Brexit vote was 'cry of financial pain' from voters" - Andrew Oswald: Birmingham Mail - 4th October 2017

"Brexit was caused by feeling, older voters not to blame" - Andrew Oswald: Modern Ghana - 5th October 2017

"A preliminary analysis of the Nobel Laureates - Andrew Oswald: SAS Blogs - 14th October 2017

More than third of UK self-assessment taxpayers under report income - Arun Advani: Financial Times - 26 October 2017

B&B owners and cabbies top list of tax shirkers - Arun Advani: The Guardian - 26 October 2017

Department Diary

  • Economics Careers Fair 2017 | 30 October | 4-7pm | Panorama, Rootes Building
  • 360 Guest Lecture - Margaret Gilmore - Terrorist Hunters | 6 November |6-7pm | Oculus OCO.03
  • The Soviet Economy, 1917-1991: Its Life and Afterlife - Mike Harrison|7 November 2017 | 6-7.15pm | M1 Lecture Theatre, WBS
  • Tenpin Bowling (Yr 2 & 3) | 21 November | 8-12pm | Leamington Spa
  • 360 Guest Lecture - Dr Mike Walker, Chief Economist at the CMA - Why is Competition Policy Becoming so Difficult? | 23 November | 5.30-6.30pm | Maths & Stats MS01
  • 2018 Winter Graduation Ceremony and Reception | 19 January | 3.00 pm |Campus / Panorama Room, Rootes Building
  • Tea @3 (every Wednesday) | 3.00-3.30pm | Staff Common Room | Social Sciences Building

Staff Interview

Arun Advani is a new member of the academic staff - find out more about him in our staff interview.

Other News

International Visiting Teaching Fellows - Events

International Visiting Teaching Fellows Sean Michael Morris and Jesse Stommel will deliver a series of events throughout late October and early November, inlcuding workshops, public lecture and a roundtable discussion. Read more and register here.

Become a homestay host

Do you like learning about new cultures and meeting people from different cultures, why not think about being a host? Learn more on what is involved.

Freeflow festival

An oppportunity that brings together inspirational thinkers, authors, journalists and performers to share what’s fresh, controversial and relevant today at a free festival of the spoken and written word. All events are free and booking is required.