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CAGE event: Aldo Rustichini on Merit and Social Justice

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CAGE event: Aldo Rustichini on Merit and Social Justice


In this special public lecture, chaired by Professor Andrew Oswald, Aldo Rustichini will present his current research to the Warwick community on social justice and merit.

Wednesday 31st October, 6.00pm
Room S0.21 
Social Sciences Building 
University of Warwick

 Social justice and merit are ideas in conflict, and the conflict translates today (autumn 2012) into a passionate political debate. These ideas are in conflict because they provide a very different criterion to decide a fundamental issue: what is a fair society. In the analytical tradition of contract theory we are asked to perform a thought experiment: if we could create a society, and we wanted it to be fair, which society would we choose? In this talk Aldo Rustichini will review research that tried to put this same thought experiment on the firmer grounds of a controlled laboratory experiment.