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Wherever I lay my H.A.T

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Wherever I lay my H.A.T


Home is where the data is with new personal digital hub. A new £1.2 million research project between the University of Warwick and five other institutions will begin this summer. The two-year study will develop a household data repository to track consumers’ digital footprints and daily patterns, shaping the products and services they’re offered. The Hub of All Things (H.A.T.) will be a device capable of recording data from household equipment. It will provide a secure, personal digital vault, enabling individuals to control the data that is used by third parties to customise product and service offerings.

Initially, the H.A.T. will be trialled in the homes of five members of the research team, which comprises academics and researchers from the fields of economics, business, computing and the arts. The project will be led by Warwick Manufacturing Group’s (WMG) Irene Ng, together with colleagues from six UK universities. Kimberley Scharf, Professor of Economics at Warwick will be one of the academic investigators working on the multi-disciplinary project funded by the Research Council’s UK Digital Economy Programme.

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