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Award of a Leverhulme Doctoral Training Centre

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Award of a Leverhulme Doctoral Training Centre


The Department of Economics, alongside other departments from the University of Warwick, have been successful in a joint bid for a Leverhulme Doctoral Training Centre.

Along with the Departments of Statistic, Department of Computer Science, Warwick Business School and Department of Psychology, the bid entitled "Bridges: Bringing Together the Social and Sciences to Understand Social Information" was approved by the Leverhulme Trust.

Professor Sascha Becker of the Department of Economics was part of the team completing the grant application on behalf of the University of Warwick.

The award involves the funding of 5 doctoral scholarships per cohort, for three cohorts, to be shared between the departments.

This new Doctoral Training Centres will feature the following elements linking students and staff across departments:

  • A sustained lecture series in quantitative social sciences, entitled “New Frontiers in Social Information”.

  • A weekly seminar, consisting of internal and external speakers on topics and from experts at the forefront of quantitative social-scientific research.

  • Weekly informal gatherings of faculty and students devoted to the topic of enriching the atmosphere of quantitative social sciences at Warwick.

  • A two-week Summer School on Quantitative Social Sciences with intensive training from international experts.

  • An annual Away Day (Sandpit), representing a small cross-disciplinary and cross-departmental conference in the quantitative social sciences.

Professor Abhinay Muthoo said “This is great news for the Department and the University.

This is one of only 14 awards for Leverhulme Doctoral Training Centres in the whole UK for Economics and the bid was strongly supported by the University due to a desire to see more interaction between Economics and other disciplines in exploring large data sets and in using innovative methodologies.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Sascha for the hard work he put into this bid.”

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