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Siobhan Benita discusses the General Election on ITV News

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Siobhan Benita discusses the General Election on ITV News


Siobhan Benita featured on ITV Central News last Friday, discussing the result of the General Election, as well as what it could mean for local businesses.

Siobhan, who is the Chief Policy and Strategy Officer of the Department of Economics, featured in a pre-recorded piece for the East Midlands edition and appeared live on the West Midlands region news.

Siobhan on the sofa with ITV Central news anchors Matt Teale and Sameena Ali-Khan.

In light of the election result, which took everyone by surprise, Siobhan discussed the possible reasons why the polls in the run up to May 7th had been so wrong and whether the techniques used for polling should now be examined.

She also talked about what a majority Conservative Government would mean for the Midlands regions, in particular looking ahead to a referendum on the UK membership of the EU and the affect it might have on many of the businesses and companies that operate out of that area.

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