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Globalisation and Anti-globalisation debated at Warwick Question Time 2017

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Globalisation and Anti-globalisation debated at Warwick Question Time 2017

On the evening of Monday 2nd October, Butterworth Hall opened its door to a packed audience for the fifth annual Warwick Question Time.

The event organised by the Department of Economics and the Department of Politics and International Studies (PAIS), provides a platform for students to engage with politicians, policy makers and academics on major issues and questions that concern the world. This year's topic focused on 'Globalisation and Anti-globalisation' and attracted over 1,200 students and guests, who took their seats to watch this year's panel, which included journalist and broadcaster Samira Ahmed, Head of Oxfam's Advocacy Katy Chakrabortty, Historian and broadcaster Professor Kate Williams, CLASS Director Faiza Shaheen and former MP Chris White.

The panel was also joined by Associate Professor of Economics Dr Dennis Novy, and chairing the event for the first time was Associate Professor Trevor McCrisken (PAIS).

First year Economics and Politics students asked questions which put the panellists to the test and opened up an interesting debate. The questions ranged from the effects of globalisation on the rich and poor in society, alternatives to globalisation, pollution restrictions on developing countries and looking back at the history of globalisation.

It was an honour to Chair such an intriguing discussion of globalisation and its consequences, triggered by some deeply probing student questions. What an intellectually stimulating way to kick off the new year and give a taste of the level of critical reflection that politics and economics students can expect during their time at Warwick.
Trevor McCrisken, Question Time Chair

The annual Question Time event forms part of the induction for new Economics and PAIS students at Warwick, with some students also getting the opportunity to interview panellists, along with a drinks reception that took place within the Warwick Arts Centre atrium. Those who attended said they enjoyed the event and the opportunity to engage in the debate;

When I walked into the hall only knowing the google definition of globalisation, WarwickQT provided me with a thorough and exciting insight into the topic. It was especially interesting to see environmental issues such as climate change and waste management being discussed.
Manpreet, Second Year Student
The event was generally very enjoyable and interesting to me. The discussion was vivid, lots of agreement was voiced and various aspects of globalisation were touched upon.
Fiona, Economics Erasmus Student
Missed the event? Watch the video online..

For those of you that missed the event or would like to watch the debate again, click the video below to view it on our Youtube Channel.