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Students debate current affairs at Students' Question Time event

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Students debate current affairs at Students' Question Time event

On 22 January 2018 we held our annual Students’ Question Time event which follows on from our main Question Time held in October when we invite politicians and policy makers to discuss topical issues. The panel members were students from Economics, PPE, Politics, Economic and History, with the debate being moderated by Chair Dr Claudia Rei.

The topics tackled by our student panelists ranged from whether social media was the root cause for intolerance to other cultures and religions, the rise of populism on both sides of the Atlantic and its effect on neo-liberal world order and whether the UK government should withdraw Trump's invitation for a state visit.

First year Economics student Sugheson Nagarajan commented on his experience of being a panel member:

I had a great experience of being on the panel. It helped me build my confidence to articulate my opinions and thoughts in front of a large audience. Most importantly, it was a good example on how fruitful and productive an intellectual discussion can be when all parties are willing to listen and understand each other's view points. I absolutely enjoyed and I would love to do it again if given the opportunity again.
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Claudi Rei, the Chair, has summed up the event:

Engaging topics and fruitful discussion on issues of interest to students ranging from the economics of social media to international politics

Highlights from the event will be appear shortly here and via our YouTube Channel to view.