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Two Economics students reach the finals of IAES 'Best Undergraduate Paper' Competition

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Two Economics students reach the finals of IAES 'Best Undergraduate Paper' Competition

Mary Polyakova and Paul Noller were selected as two of the four finalists at this year's International Atlantic Economic Society’s 14th annual Best Undergraduate Paper Competition (IAES).

The International Atlantic Economic Society invites students from across the globe to compete in the IAES annual Best Undergraduate Paper Award (BUPA) competition. The competition recognises and rewards outstanding research conducted by undergraduate students. Each year, four finalists are selected to present their research in person.

This year, two of our students, Paul (BSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics) and Mary (BSc Economics, Politics and International Studies) were selected amongst the four finalists and invited to present their research paper (which they completed as part of their RAE module) at the International Atlantic Economic Society Conference held in New York, last October.

Their papers which merited them the status of finalists of the competition were:

  • Paul Noller, Evaluating the Credibility of the European Bank Bail-in Commitment, University of Warwick, UK 
  • Mary Polyakova, Child Marriage and Female Educational Attainment: an Investigation into a Complex Relationship, Using Nigerian Data, University of Warwick, UK 

The other two finialists were:

  • Donato Onorato, Robots, Unions, and Aging: Determinants of Robot Adoption Evidence from OECD Countries, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Iuliia Vasileva, The Effect of Inflation Targeting on Foreign Direct Investment Flows to Developing Countries, Lafayette College, USA

This year's first prize went to Iuliia Vasileva who received a $500 cheque and will have her paper printed in an upcoming issue of the Atlantic Economic Journal. Paul, Mary and Donato each received $100 and have been invited to have an 800 word abstract of their papers published in the Atlantic Economic Journal. Additionally, each student received a handsome commemorative plaque to mark the occasion.

Speaking about his experience, Paul said:

Attending and presenting my research at the IAES conference was a most rewarding and fascinating experience. Moreover, having my paper published in the Atlantic Economic Journal is my greatest academic achievement so far, which I hope will be a road towards having a genuine impact on the literature in my field. My gratitude goes to the IAES for considering my work worthy of such a distinct audience and the Warwick Economics department for their unwavering support of my project and application to the IAES

Commenting on the students reaching the final stage, Module Leader of Research in Applied Economics (RAE), Professor Gianna Boero, said:

"I am delighted to see that year after year Warwick students studying Economics have enjoyed unparalleled success in high-profile global undergraduate research conferences and competitions for the quality and originality of their RAE dissertation. Many congratulations to Paul Noller and Maria Polyakova for reaching the final stage of the prestigious IAES Undergraduate Paper Competition. This is a remarkable achievement for them, for the Department and for the University"

[Top photograph: Paul, Donato pictured with the winner Iuliia holding their commemorative plaque recognising their accomplishment (Mary is not pictured) and Paul presenting his paper at the conference]

Past finalists and winners of the IAES event

This is not the first time Economics graduates have been selected for this award.

Last year, the department saw graduates Gytautas Karklius and Yin Li Toh present their papers at the final stage of the IAES competition.

In 2016, Adam Brzezinski won first place for the 'Best Undergraduate Paper' at the Atlantic Economic Society Conference. His paper was the product of his third year Research in Applied Economics (RAE) project, entitled 'Synergies in Labour Market Institutions - the nonlinear effect of minimum wages on youth employment'.

In 2015, Hameem Raees Chowdury, and Virginia Minni present their papers at the final stage of the IAES competition, with Hameem going on to win first place. His winning paper entitled “Joint-Liability in Microcredit: Evidence from Bangladesh”, was included in the Atlantic Economic Journal.