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Postgraduate research students recognised for teaching excellence

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Postgraduate research students recognised for teaching excellence

We are delighted to announce that two of our postgraduate research students have been recognised in the 2020 Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence for Postgraduates who Teach (WATE PGR): Cora Neumann (winner) and Riccardo Degasperi (commendee).

Research students can carry out a range of teaching activities including facilitating seminars, lecturing and project supervision, and the WATE PGR programme aims to recognise the best teachers from postgraduate research students at Warwick, nominated by students, fellow postgraduates, and the Department.

Cora Neumann is a PhD candidate in the Department with research interests in economic history, labour economics and gender economics and she teaches first and second year undergraduate modules in economics for business and economics for strategy. Riccardo Degasperi is also a PhD candidate in Economics and his research interests are in applied macroeconomics and time series econometrics. He contributes to teaching on econometrics and advanced econometric theory modules.

Here is what they said about their WATE PGR recognition:

It means so very much! Since I am relatively new to teaching it still takes a lot of work to prepare for good seminars, and it is very gratifying and humbling to be recognised for what I consider an integral part of my PhD. Being recognised through this award is also a motivation to become an ever better teacher and to continuously develop and improve.
Cora Neumann

Read the full interview with Cora here to find out about how she adapted her teaching during Covid-19 and what she has learnt from the experience.

It is a huge honour. I try my best with my students. Knowing that they appreciate this and that the University acknowledges it is extremely rewarding.
Riccardo Degasperi

Read the full interview with Riccardo here and find out what he enjoys most about teaching and what his recipe for the perfect inspiring teacher is.

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