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Mark Harrison becomes a Fellow of the British Academy

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Mark Harrison becomes a Fellow of the British Academy

Emeritus Professor of Economics and Senior Research Fellow of CAGE, Mark Harrison has been elected as Fellow of the British Academy in recognition of his outstanding work.

Professor Mark Harrison (Economics) is among 52 new Fellows announced today by the prestigious institution, which supports and promotes the humanities and social sciences in the UK and around the world.

A British Academy Fellowship is one of the highest honours available to UK academics, awarded to researchers who, in the view of their peers, have made a distinguished academic contribution to humanities or social science research.

Professor Mark Harrison has spent most of his career researching the political economy and history of communism in Russia, Eastern Europe and China. He has also specialised in the economic history of 20th century conflict and counter-espionage. Earlier this year the seven-volume economic history, “The Industrialisation of Soviet Russia,” of which he co-authored the final volume, was recognised by the Alexander Nove Award for Distinguished Scholarship.

Commenting on his Fellowship, Professor Harrison said:

“It’s a great honour. Nothing has helped me on my way more than being part of a wonderful community, especially my friends, colleagues, and students in economics at Warwick and in Russian history around the world. I’m grateful to them all.”

Recent research highlights:

Further Information:

  • A full list of the new British Academy Fellows and their institutions appears here.
  • Professor Harrison discusses his career in an interview on the Economics website.