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Top Economics student research showcased on Warwick Monash portal

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Top Economics student research showcased on Warwick Monash portal

We are celebrating today the launch of a new initiative – The Warwick Monash Economics Student Papers (WM-ESP), a collaborative project between the Department of Economics at Warwick and Monash Business School, the aim of which is to gather the best Undergraduate and Master’s dissertations by Economics students of Warwick and Monash and to showcase them on an online portal, hosted by the Department of Economics.

The very first selection of research papers featured on the portal includes 17 student papers from Warwick and Monash which can be found on the newly launched WM-ESP webpageLink opens in a new window.

The portal, which went live earlier today, displays research undertaken by our students on a wide variety of topics. WM-ESP aims to highlight excellence in students’ research work at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and acknowledge their contribution to a vibrant research environment in both departments.

The project was born out of the well-established Monash-Warwick Alliance and the links that already existed between the staff in the Department of Economics and Monash Business School, with Professor Sascha O. Becker, previously Deputy Head of the Warwick’s Department of Economics and now the Xiaokai Yang Chair of Business and Economics at Monash and part-time Professor at Warwick, facilitating collaborative work on this project between the academics from Warwick and Monash.

The papers included in the series are carefully selected based on their quality and originality and the submission is by invitation only from the WM-ESP Editorial Board with representatives from both universities: Professor Sascha O. Becker (Monash and Warwick), Professor Mark Crosby (Monash), Dr Atisha Ghosh, Senior Teaching Fellow (Warwick), Dr Cecilia T. Lanata-Briones, Senior Teaching Fellow (Warwick), Dr Thomas Martin, Senior Teaching Fellow (Warwick), Dr Vinod Mishra, Associate Professor (Monash), Dr Choon Wang, Associate Professor (Monash) and Dr Natalia Zinovyeva, Associate Professor (Warwick).

Professor Jeremy Smith (Head of Department of Economics at Warwick) and Professor Michael Ward (Head of Department of Economics at Monash Business School) said:

“We are very happy to introduce the Warwick Monash Economics Student Papers (WM-ESP). The Department of Economics of the University of Warwick and the Economics Department at Monash University are very proud of their long history of collaboration with international partner universities, and the Monash Warwick Alliance reflects the belief in both Universities that the future will rely on strong links between peer Universities, reflected in faculty, student, and research linkages. This paper series reflects the first step in allowing our Undergraduate, Honours, and Masters students to learn from and interact with peers within the Alliance.”

Established in 2012, the award-winning Monash Warwick Alliance brings together two research-intensive institutions, of a similar age and global reputation, to form a pioneering model for global higher education partnerships – one that is fully integrated into every layer of university life, going far beyond standard collaborative agreements in the sector.

From co-published interdisciplinary research, to joint innovations in teaching and learning, vastly increased international mobility for members of the Alliance community, and shared practice throughout professional services, the Alliance has been co-developed from its inception by colleagues on both campuses, combining the different complementary strengths of each institution.

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