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Selina Shibata: Student Volunteer of the Year

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Selina Shibata: Student Volunteer of the Year

We congratulate Selina Shibata, Year 1 Economics student, who has won the Student Volunteer of the Year award at the Warwick Volunteers Award night.

*Selina is the middle person in the above image

Selina volunteers with a local organisation based in Coventry called Guardian Ballers. Founded in 2021, Guardian Ballers works with young students from various backgrounds in the local community. Volunteers engage young children through Basketball to help them achieve a happier and healthier life. They also work with several other organisations to provide mental health services.

Selina started volunteering in January of 2024 and has been helping at their basketball camps, where attendees improve their basketball skills and become more educated on maintaining good mental health. Guardian Ballers also sell branded clothing and Selina has helped to expand their merchandise line.

This opportunity has enabled Selina to make friends with students from other universities and increase her network.

Selina says:

“As an international student worried about being unable to integrate into the UK and its culture, the Guardian Ballers community has helped me feel comfortable in a new country and community.”

The Department is extremely proud to see one of our students assist young people on their mental health journey. We are very pleased that this volunteering opportunity has made it easier for Selina to settle here at Warwick after moving from abroad.